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Halloween Viking Party!

Friday, 21 September

What do you do on a cold autumnal day…. have a Viking tea Party of course! In a recent team meeting it was decided that we should have some fun in the office. We were all tasked with coming up with an idea for holding a Viking tea party. After all we are heading into Halloween season so what...
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Shining a Light on Cancer!

Thursday, 06 September

Hopefully you are reading this with a cup of tea in your hand having survived the kid’s holidays. Don’t get me wrong, it is by far my most favourite time of the year. Summer adventures, lie in’s, picnics and generally not having a routine for over 6 weeks is the best but I do get frazzled juggling...
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Entrepreneurial Day

Tuesday, 21 August

This week, well today to be precise, we celebrate World Entrepreneur Day! I know I am going to sound like an old person now but I am not entirely sure this word was used much when I set out… well it certainly wasn’t applied to me. I set out in my first business nearly 25 years ago, I had just...
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Push to Make The SLUSH PUPPiE® Go Plush!

Wednesday, 15 August

How happy am I right now? Well I will give you a clue….very! This week I launched my very first Kickstarter campaign and it’s a dream come true. Growing up in the 1970's and 80's the iconic SLUSH PUPPiE® Pup was a huge part of childhood, nearly as much as florescent leg warmers, dodgy perms and...
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Pop Up Shops

Thursday, 09 August

With our on-going summer Viking FM tour, we have decided to enhance our customer experience with some retail shops to add a sense of our cushiony-cuddly heaven. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love retail so it will come as no surprise when I tell you our new POP-UP concession shops are...
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Viking FM Summer Tour 2018

Thursday, 02 August

With the previous season being a massive hit, recording 95 Million downloads, T.V show “Vikings” has truly kickstarted a new generation of Viking enthusiasts! To add to the success of Season 4, the announcement of Season 5 went huge when revealed to the show’s 5 million Facebook followers, and...
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Prepare for Battle with Viking FM

Friday, 27 July

With the heatwave taking its toll on the British population, and schools out for summer, we have created a simple way to keep the kids entertained with our all-new soft play range, Pillowfight Warriors, which we are taking on tour with Viking FM throughout Yorkshire and North of England over Summer...
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The man who started to sell Hot Dog Bottled Water: a real SUCCESS!

Friday, 20 July

Everybody remembers Scooby Doo, what about Mecie Fleach? Velma’s rival, better known as Hot Dog Water, nickname coming from her smell, similar to the recycled water used to cook hot dogs. ©KENS 5   Now, Hot-Dog Water is real, as an invention of Douglas Bevans! On June, the...
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The woman who lives in a Barbie House

Friday, 13 July

©Carters   Azusa Sakamoto, a nail artist originally from Japan, now living in the beautiful Los Angeles, at 34 years old fell in love with Barbie, deciding to transform her house in a pink, precious castle.   ©Carters   The attractive Barbie’s biggest fan said that everything started when...
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Seeing is Not Always Believing!

Thursday, 12 July

Hi, I’m Brendan, I am a PhD student at Leeds Beckett University and I have been asked to write a blog post about my work with Love Bomb Cushions. I am an academic, a geek at heart so I am out of my comfort zone writing posts like this but I really wanted to talk about my project with Sarah and...
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Little Book of Experience

Friday, 06 July

E.M. Forster once said “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon”  Hi, It’s Diva and I am one of the interns at Love Bomb Cushions. On this week’s blog we’re talking all about our Intern program which I am a part of! How often is that Internship just about a...
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5 Cool Gifting Ideas for your Bridal Party

Thursday, 28 June

Somebody once said, “The Bridesmaid can never go wrong”. Ah, what responsibility right? To match up the sass and to prove you’re worthy of the title. I would love that responsibility as I have never been a bridesmaid ☹ I know right, 45 this coming week and never managed the accolade, mind you not...
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England’s World Cup Journey!

Thursday, 21 June

This week I am taking over the blog to talk all things football. I am Pete, one of the investors at Love Bomb Cushions and an avid football fan, as you are about to realise. So here we are again – another World Cup and England fans are full of expectation as we enter yet another major...
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Celebrating the North of England!

Wednesday, 13 June

We are very proud to announce that Love Bomb Cushions are one of the 50 creative organisations to feature in the Sixth Edition of the Hannah Directory for 2018. The Hannah Directory was named and inspired after suffragette and rebel Hannah Mitchell. A lifelong fighter for democracy and...
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5 Perfect Cushions to Channel the Inner Nerd

Wednesday, 06 June

There is much more to a cushion than simply comfort. As our Gifts for Dad collection proves, a cushion can be a perfect gift for dads. They can even be great travel companions, as we explained in Travel in Style Summer 2017. They can also be a great way to subtly express your personality,...
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Denhams Skateboarding Journey

Thursday, 31 May

So, this is a bit of a change to my usual blog posts. Today, we’re talking Skateboarding. Oh, by the way this is Denham Hill from the Love Bomb Sales Team. Probably should have started with that. Though Sarah has quite the history in skateboarding herself! Sarah came to me...
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Put a Pillow on the Fridge!

Thursday, 24 May

Every week I have the privilege of working with a group of Interns at our offices in Leeds. It is fast becoming my favourite day of the week, devising ideas for our social media channels with lots of gusto and passion. This week’s ideas found us learning all about ‘Put a Pillow on the Fridge Day’...
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National Vegetarian Week

Friday, 11 May

I set myself the challenge of blogging about things close to my heart in 2018, letting you get to know me a little better. Now I feel like we have broken down some barriers and having bared my soul in so many ways so it’s time to let you into my greatest secret. I am a self-confessed health fanatic...
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Bubbles not Bombs!

Friday, 11 May

What a delight this last week has been for me, the Love Bomb Team have kindly dedicated this blog to our story. Introductions first of all, I am Paola, founder and creator of Dr Zigs and on Friday May 4th I appeared on the Channel 4’s Buy It Now. Dr Zigs is a multi-award winning giant bubble toy...
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Take the Cushion Challenge!

Wednesday, 02 May

I am beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Candlelighters Children’s Cancer Trust in Leeds. Anyone who knows our business Love Bomb Cushions will know how we love to raise awareness and volunteer for local charities. Only this week we took part in the Mascot Gold Cup 2018 for Sue Ryder...
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How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

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