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National Vegetarian Week

Friday, 11 May

I set myself the challenge of blogging about things close to my heart in 2018, letting you get to know me a little better. Now I feel like we have broken down some barriers and having bared my soul in so many ways so it’s time to let you into my greatest secret. I am a self-confessed health fanatic...
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Bubbles not Bombs!

Friday, 11 May

What a delight this last week has been for me, the Love Bomb Team have kindly dedicated this blog to our story. Introductions first of all, I am Paola, founder and creator of Dr Zigs and on Friday May 4th I appeared on the Channel 4’s Buy It Now. Dr Zigs is a multi-award winning giant bubble toy...
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Take the Cushion Challenge!

Wednesday, 02 May

I am beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Candlelighters Children’s Cancer Trust in Leeds. Anyone who knows our business Love Bomb Cushions will know how we love to raise awareness and volunteer for local charities. Only this week we took part in the Mascot Gold Cup 2018 for Sue Ryder...
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5 Essentials for Having Fun this Summer with Kids!

Wednesday, 25 April

How amazing was it to have sunshine and warmth last week? BBQ’s, picnics and general summer fun was had by all. Alas, it didn’t stay for long but it has got us all in the mood for summer antics here at Love Bomb HQ. Those warm summer evenings when you get in from work and go on a spontaneous...
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Loving What You Do!

Thursday, 19 April

It’s the goal, right? To do something with your life that you love so much that each day feels like a joy. I always remember growing up as a child, we didn’t have a lot but my parents were true to themselves and both pursued things they loved. They told me to always ‘reach for the stars’ and make...
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How do you cure confidence issues?

Thursday, 12 April

What an interesting week we have had at Love Bomb Cushions. I got to pitch for a business award locally and won! There were 5 of us that won the award. We had to pitch for 10 minutes each then answer questions for 10 minutes. As always, I ran over and had a lot to say, something happens to me when I...
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Face the Fear

Wednesday, 04 April

This week I saw my new range Pillowfight Warriors® land into the UK. I started designing and working on them in July 2017 so its been a long time coming. I have to say before I go off on a tangent, I LOVE them sooooo much! More than I thought conceivably possible if I am honest, after all they are...
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Pillowfight Warriors tackle the stereotypes behind gender bias!

Thursday, 29 March

This week our new Viking themed soft play range, Pillowfight Warriors® lands in stores across the UK and it got me thinking. I created the range to cultivate children’s imaginations, both young and old, connecting them through traditional play but when I was putting all the marketing together I...
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Mascot Gold Cup 2018

Tuesday, 06 March

Mascot Gold Cup 2018 We love a challenge at Love Bomb Cushions HQ and 2018 is the year for us to face our biggest yet! Our beloved yellow ball of plush is about to go head to head with Yorkshire’s finest company and charity mascots in the Sue Ryder’s Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby Races on Saturday...
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What's Cooking Good Looking

Thursday, 01 February

What’s cooking, good looking? 5 spunky Valentines cushions we are loving this week. | Valentines week. How often do we go out with roses and chocolates and do the monotonous Valentines and some of us don’t even like valentines (So over/ under rated)? But here’s what we found this week At Love bomb...
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Cushions for Love

Monday, 22 January

Cushions for Love! At Love Bomb Cushions we've made life easy for you with an awesome selection of 22 unique novelty character valentines presents for old romantics and first loves alike! Whether you plan to go all out with a heartfelt surprise, or want to swap soppy romance with...
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Personalised Emoji Superstore Opens its Doors!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Love Bomb Cushions love bringing you something unique and it doesn't get better than an Emoji Superstore for Christmas 2017. We don't know of any others in the UK so it could even be FIRST! Filled from head to toe with Emoji delights this is a shoppers paradise and as one customer proclaimed 'super...
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70 new emoji's!

Thursday, 02 November 2017

70 New emoji hit the scene The long awaited IOS 11.1 update hit our screens this week and delivered us over 70 new rather exciting emojis. With over 6 billion emoji used every day across the world will we ever have enough emoji's to use? Love Bomb Cushions are always looking out for new icons to...
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Love Bomb Cushions supply retail giant Debenhams

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Hit the High Street with retail giant Debenhams Love Bomb Cushions have the pleasure of supplying Debenham's this Christmas as part of their giftware catalogue both in the High Street stores and Debenham's Online.  The buying team at Debenhams recognise the demand for high quality character gifts...
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The key to sunbathing....

Monday, 21 August 2017

Okay, I'm not one to brag but I just had the best holiday ever.... you know what made it the best? it was the cushion. Everyone knows the pain of lying on a towel right! The abrasive material slowly marking your skin. That peaceful sleep woken up by it bunching in the sand and that casual mirror...
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emoji on tour 2017

Wednesday, 02 August 2017

Every year we aim to give our delightful friends here at Love Bomb HQ a welcome break. This year is no different, so we embarked on finding them a new experience in the South of France. Of course first rules are sun lotion, interesting times trying to apply the right factor. Cactus acclimatised...
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Entertain the kids for FREE this summer!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Schools Out Scream and Shout! As my kids were growing up the last day of summer school term was always my favourite day of the year, well kinda. Long lazy mornings in our PJ's, cake baking/eating and snuggle time before we headed out to do an activity. They always had to be relatively cheap or if...
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Travel in Style Summer 2017

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Travel in Style Summer 2017! So if your anything like me right now you will be dreaming of sunshine, sea and sangria! The winter seems to last forever but not long now until I pack my tent and head off with my family to sunnier climates and I can't wait.....no really I literally can't! What I find...
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Festival Season, the cuddly emoji guide, do's and don'ts!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Whether you're a festival virgin or a mud-stained veteran, here is our guide to getting the best out of the festival season 2017: DO Pick a Festival that Suits You If you're going for a family friendly one, choose one that's suitable for your kids' ages, teens or toddlers. Don't forget to take...
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Perfect Gift for Father’s Day – Cool, Poo and More…

Monday, 08 May 2017

Can you believe that it’s almost June already? Here at Love Bomb Cushions, we can hardly keep up with how quickly this year is going! We are a family run company based in the heart of Yorkshire. With this in mind, we love to celebrate every occasion possible, and Father’s day is no exception. That’s...
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How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

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