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Gifts for Her

Find unique gifts for girls from our range of Birthday gifts for her, Mother's Day gifts and personalised gifts for Mum, Grandma, Girl friend and Wife.

Gifts for Her

Spoil your Mum, Grandma, Friend, Girlfriend or Wife, be their Birthday, Christmas, a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or International Women’s Day, our unique cushions, one off pillows, tailored gifts make the perfect present. Choose from our Unicorn Gifts to our Personalised Gifts for Her.


Gifts for Your Loved One

It doesn’t take a genius to guess her Birthday or Christmas list you were handed was endless, expensive and somewhat ridiculous, so why not catch her by surprise with our unique and quirky birthday gifts for her. A way to show your softer side and express your unconditional love for her.

In need of a gift idea for your Girlfriend or Wife then look no further with our wide selection of products showing you are destined to be, soul mates, lovers, making them the perfect novelty gift for her.


The Magical Unicorn

Everyone needs a little magic in their life. With its big beautiful iridescent horn no one can resist the temptation to stroke its stunning full mane and whisper special wishes that only the magic of the Unicorn can make come true. The emoji® Unicorn has been designed to truly capture the shape of this legendary creature with a full long nose, cheek bones and neck your loved ones instantly fall for it, bringing fairy tales to life. The perfect gift for girls allowing their imagination to run wild and adding a mystical touch to any kids’ bedroom or home.

Finding the perfect gift for your best friend can be quite a task, unless they are obsessed with unicorns of course! Our Unicorn Gifts range from Cushions to Key Chains, including a selection of Slogan Cushions making them the perfect Unicorn gift idea


Cushions for Her

Show your fun side with our unique slogan cushions making them the perfect novelty gift to celebrate your female friendship with your friend, mum or sister. The hunt for the perfect present for her stops here with our wide range of cushions that no doubt will put a smile on her face!


Personalise It!

What better way to decorate your home than with our colourful, unique novelty cushions. The vibrant colours add character to any funky kids’ bedroom, home or the car! This is a unique personalised cushion idea, a perfect present or travel pillow. Add some sparkle to our emoji® Unicorn with a variety of glitter choices making it the most beautiful mystical beast of all the land.

Create your unique cushion, one off pillow, tailored gift with a personal message, whether it's a gift for her or a gift for him, we've got it covered! Birthdays, Christmas with Secret Santa, Valentine's Day, Mothers and Father's Day, here at Love Bomb Cushions we couldn't think of anything better than a personalised gift.


Gifts for All Year Round

Everyone knows there’s nothing more stressful than trying to find the perfect gift and yet in today’s day and age we keep coming up with situations that require giving someone a gift.

Birthdays and Christmas used to be the norm, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that looking for a quirky birthday gift for your brother or sister is an easy task or that finding the perfect Christmas present for mum and dad or even grandma and grandad is a walk in the park, but at least they are somewhat manageable quests.

If it wasn't enough finding a quirky birthday gift for our best friend, we went in and added Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to the list, then we came up with Valentine’s and started giving Graduation presents and Housewarming gifts, and don’t even get me started on Anniversaries, Cotton and Wool? How about Organic Polyester and Super Soft Fibre?

Our quirky cushions make the perfect present. Find epic imaginative gifts for your little warriors, bring their favourite fairy tale to life with our magical unicorn presents or make that animal lover in your life happy with one of our funky animal cushions. You can even surprise your loved one with a nice romantic gesture, big or small, depending on how mad she is.

At Love Bomb Cushions you’re bound to find the perfect gift and if you don’t then we can make it! With our free personalisation offer you can always take it up a notch, add a name or a special message with sparkles or vibrant colours and make that unique present even more memorable.

Just a couple of clicks later (and a few giggles) and it’s time to pour yourself a drink and congratulate yourself on a job well done. All you need to do now is get some wrapping paper but sadly we can’t help with that yet.

How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

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