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The Fun Cushion Company's Range of Products

Love Bomb Cushions offer a wide range of novelty gifts, plush toys, foot cushions, key chains, shelf buddies, pillowfight warriors, Joe turds and multi packs.

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A wide range of products make the perfect gift!

Here at Love Bomb Cushions we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift. Our wide range includes a variety of products such as Plush Toys, Key Chains, Foot Cushions, Shelf Buddies, Pillowfight Warriors, Joe Turds and Multi-Packs, delighting people of all ages making them brilliant gift ideas for Mum, Grandma, Wife or Girlfriend, Dad, Grandad, Husband or Boyfriend.


Novelty Plush Toys

Our wide range of super soft Plush Toys includes Love Bomb™ shelf buddies and the official emoji® shelf buddies which have taken the world by storm, Jo Turds Turd World® & the Turds® who’s tongue in cheek range takes our love of all things poop related to a new level and retro house hold brand names like Slush Puppie® which kids worldwide know and love. A battle awaits with our fun and playful Pillowfight Warriors™ Armour and Shields, the ultimate cool toy, bringing out your inner Viking as you challenge your friends. Decorate any home, nursey or kids’ bedroom with the Jo Turds Turd World® & the Turds® Butt Nuggets and emoji® shelf buddies.


Cute and Affordable Key Chains

The fun, quirky and unique keyrings are a great edition to any set of keys! These small, affordable, on trend keychains are the ideal gift for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, your Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife. Perfect as collectables for girls and boys of all ages enabling you to clip a different keyring to your bag with no trouble at all and show off your collection to your friends. Bring fairy tales to life with our emoji® Unicorn, whisper special wishes that only the magic of the Unicorn can make come true.


Foot Cushions

Foot cushions are bundles of fun for your feet, slip them on and feel the loving embrace. Our comfy foot cushions come in sizes small (UK 1-4, 26cm sole), medium (UK 5-8, 28cm sole) and large (UK 9-11, 30cm sole) making them perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife, there’s something for everyone, be their Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.


The Ultimate Gift…A New Buddy!

Shelf Buddies keep a watchful eye on your home and can sit on any surface, high or low. Our Love Bomb Cushions™ and emoji® shelf buddy range includes PooPink Poo, Stay Cool, Crying with Laughter, Heart Eyes, Wink Wink, Geek Face, Happy, Cheesy Grin and Headphones. Perfect for kids in need of a new buddy, cool toy and cuddly friend.


Pillowfight Warriors® soft play Armour and Shields

Enjoy our soft play Pillowfight Warriors® Armour and Shields, perfect for indoor or outdoor fun and are designed with historical accuracy to take you back to the marauding Viking Age. Pillow fighting is a great way to have fun, get active and connect with family and friends, making them the perfect gift for kids. Let your imagination run wild as you sail your longship far and wide, invading your brother or sisters’ bedroom to pillage and fill your hoard with treasures from far lands. Play and explore with our super soft play Viking themed Pillowfight Warriors™ Armour and Shields bringing power to the pillows with a blast from the past.


Joe Turd’s Turd World® and the Turds® Range

Joe Turd’s Turd World® and the Turds® range includes a variety of characters that represent every kind of person out there. We offer a variety of products from the Turds® Butt NuggetsCushions and Key Chains. When words just aren’t enough, a simple the Turds® cushion can do all the talking, the perfect gift for all occasions, Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s DayFather’s Day, Christmas, the list is endless! Who knew a range of cushions could describe every member of your family. Whether it’s the Turds® Bog Father for Dad, the Turds® Sloppy for Mum, the Turds® Lazy for the teenage boy who never gets out of bed or the Turds® Lucky for the Grandad’s with a pot of gold in their pocket, there’s something for everyone.


Get the Best Deal with our Multi-Packs!

Multi-packs are created with savings in mind making them the perfect gift when you are on a budget. Get more for your money with the emoji® multi-packs including emoji® cushionskey rings and shelf buddies and Joe Turd’s Turd World® and the Turds® key ring multi-pack. Choose from our range of key chain multi-packs making them ideal as collectables for kids. From our bright and colourful emoji® Cactus, Melon and Gingerbread key ring multi-pack, soft and full of character, to our cute and magical Unicorn, Princess and Pink Poo multi-pack.

How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

More About Us

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