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Our History

Company Incorporation September 11 2015

Love Bomb Cushions is the brain child of husband and wife team Sarah and Carl Agar Brennan. Sarah and Carl have a background in Corporate Sales, Human Resources Retail, Wholesale and Ecommerce and specialism in Software, Toys, Gifts and Collectibles spanning over 20 years.

Love Bomb Cushions is Born out of Love 2015

Born out of love in 2015 we were seeking a gift for our teenage daughter and we found emoji products making their debut on the world wide stage. We were intrigued and after some research we embarked in manufacturing our very own products because the enthusiasm of our daughter and her friends in emoji giftware was overwhelming.

Creating the first prototypes of the Core range of Cushions through the summer of 2015 was a fascinating process. Once we had exhausted the numerous facilities in China which simply were not up to the task and were not able to ethically produce our goods we were ready to commence the design stages.

The first set of designs arrived with us early summer 2015 and after 5 iterations over a period of 3 months we were happy with the results and pushed the button on our first production run.

The Launch

Launching the company with our new products in tow at Autumn Fair 2015 was hugely rewarding. We established a customer base and sold out of our initial stock on day 2, on day 3 we were taking pre-orders on our next delivery.

As a result of the increasing awareness and popularity of our brand and products we experienced a fantastic winter of sales, rapid growth in the first 6 months of trading and were all set to launch our 2nd range of cushions and keychains and introduce Foot Cushions and Buddies to the market in Spring 2016.

Official emoji® Licensing

In Spring 2016 we were offered the opportunity to fully licence emoji cushions with the Official Trade Mark owners after they had seen the success and quality of our products in the action. In May 2016 we agreed a licence with emoji®-company as the only Official Manufacturers and Suppliers of emoji®cushions, emoji®keychains, emoji®Buddies and emoji®foot cushions in the UK.

Official Turds® Licensing

One thing leads to another and who would have thought it would lead us into the Turds? Whilst the Poo emoji® is without doubt the biggest seller we knew when we commenced our talks with The Turds® and Joe Turds World® that we had the ability to produce something special!

Agreeing the worldwide licence with The Turds® in June 2016 allowed us to plough forward with the second Licence in our armoury. We have created, with the help of the Joe Turds World® team, a range of incredible Turds which launched at Autumn Fair 2016.

We have great plans ahead with the Turds® and with over 300 characters for use to we are confident that you will see a Turd in your house pretty soon!

The Future of Love Bomb Cushions – The Fun Cushions Company

With 12 months of incredible results behind us we are seeking new licences to expand our range and planning to develop and deliver 1 new licence each year for sustained growth.

We plan to grow our team by creating new employment and wealth in West Yorkshire where we are based. We intend to develop British Made goods with the intention of exporting and are looking to utilise local Yorkshire resources wherever possible and national resources in order to reinvest our funds in the UK economy. Ultimately we aim to be the Number 1 Novelty Cushion manufacturer and the first place you come to when you think of novelty cushions or The Fun Cushion Company!

How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

More About Us

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