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The App is now available with the Interactive Virtual Treasure Hunt

Our app is packed full of goodies and delights and now it’s time to seek out the Treasure. Go for it, hunting down bases full of treasure to scan or just taking epic selfies with your new best friends. The Love Bomb Treasure Hunt will excite people of any age.

It’s very simple to run your treasure hunt wherever you are by downloading and printing the Love Bomb Cushions Poster pack (just fill out the form above) and hiding them.  Take them on holiday, to a party, to your local club or just in and around your home and hey presto you have a ready-made hunt on your hands

Challenge each other to find the treasure and unlock rare emoji shelf buddies. Players will also get 2,000 Love Bomb coins in the app for finishing the hunt.

Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt How to play
Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt Step 1

To start off your amzing experience, learn how to play our virtual treasure hunt game in four easy steps! What could be easier than that?

Find the links to the App store and Google Play store below. Can't forget the main ingredient.

Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt Step 2
Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt Step 3

The Treasure Hunt game is where all the fun is at with the new Love Bomb App. Countless hours of entertainment await.

Use your camera to make new friends and earn big bucks. Great interactive fun for everyone!

Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt Step 4
Love Bomb Cushions Treasure Hunt Find all emoji

There are plenty of hiding buddys to collect, make sure you find them all.

The fun never stops! After you have found them all you can play again till you can run no more.

Available on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Who can play?

Friendship Groups

Why not gather your friends together and head out into the wilderness on bright sunny school holidays, or if its raining just get your mums and dads to plot out a secret set of locations for the Treasure Hunt.  Half term, Summer Holiday, after school or for a weekend full of adventure this is a safe way to have fun with all your mates.

Clubs and Community Groups

If you are a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Rainbow, Brownie or Guide or just one of the trend setters at your community center or social club you will love this game.

We have evolved the familiar treasure hunt experience into an exciting, new and unique virtual treasure hunt. Using traditional ideas we have gone digital, using augmented reality so your friends, members and leaders can run a free treasure hunt using the Love Bomb Cushions aap all you need is a printer and 12 peices of paper, someone to hide the bases and your all set.


Coming soon

We will have new games to play and a brand-new series of games for our customers in the form of the Joe Turds Turd World and the Turds which will introduce the likes of the Bogfather, Brains, Little, Sloppy, Lucky and Lazy Turd’s in some good old turd squashing fun.

Get your treasure hunt posters here

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Love Bomb Cushions Virtual Treasure Hunt

How it Began

It started with a kiss... literally! I was shopping around for ideas for my teenage daughter for her birthday and stumbled across these emoji cushions in China. It took me several attempts to get them delivered as they kept getting lost in international post. Once the emoji cushions arrived they were an instant hit, all her friends wanted one and so the craze in our house began.

More About Us

emoji cushions in the Dragons' Den